RayRay (TW)

An ancient Greek philosopher suggested it takes a certain madness to be a true artist. The artist's ability to interpret and imagine what the common man cannot, seemingly mad, creating out of nothing. Taipei native RayRay, like all great artists, manifests this into music. At a young age, she dug into the rich history of music and bourn out an eclectic taste and a sensibility of soulful sound. When she digs in the crates and drops the needle, she drops gems. RayRay is Taiwan’s finest (and loudest) musical export and is dropping pins across the global electronic music map. The bass music extraordinaire is always close to the most enviable sonic spots and playing gigs at premier festivals like Glastonbury, ADE, Tomorrowland and Sonar. RayRay took to the sonic realm from very early on, where a true love story with sculpting beats unfurled when she was just 17. Initially on the hip-hop tip, she organically gravitated to the electronic music cartel, making her a diverse addition to the ever-evolving music industry. Today RayRay is an artist always in flux and is anything but generic—she has fueled a fierce open format style that is an intricately textured amalgamation of hip hop, EDM, Miami bass, tech house, trap and drumstep.
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