Rakesh Sharma (NL)

Speaker (Former Artist Buyer and Programmer Tomorrowland)

Rakesh Sharma is undoubtedly a highly accomplished and influential figure in the music industry, with a career marked by significant contributions and a wide range of responsibilities. His role at Tomorrowland, the globally renowned electronic music festival, showcased his expertise in event bookings/management and artist relations.

During his tenure at Tomorrowland, he was responsible for booking a remarkable number of acts, ranging from emerging talents to top headliners, which is a testament to his keen understanding of the music landscape. Additionally, his role as an artist liaison demonstrates his ability to bridge the gap between various departments within the festival, including partnerships, fashion, radio, marketing, media, label, and agency. This multifaceted approach to communication and collaboration is vital in ensuring the success of a large-scale event like Tomorrowland.

Furthermore, his involvement in day-to-day interactions with C-level management speaks to his leadership skills and his ability to maintain a cohesive and unified vision for the festival. This is crucial for ensuring that the festival operates smoothly and consistently delivers a high-quality experience to attendees.

One of the standout achievements in his career was his role in organizing a three-weekend festival at Tomorrowland after the challenges posed by COVID-19. This demonstrates his resilience and dedication to the music industry, as he played a crucial part in bringing live music back to fans in the face of unprecedented challenges.

His pivotal role in securing artists for Tomorrowland's livestreams during the COVID-19 pandemic was a crucial contribution to the music industry. Livestreams became a lifeline for artists and fans when live events were not possible, and his efforts helped maintain the connection between artists and their audiences during these challenging times.

Before his time at Tomorrowland, Rakesh spent 13,5 years at Anna Agency, where he excelled in booking artists, managing logistics, and providing strategic guidance. His commitment to the artists he worked with is evident in his role as a career advisor, helping many artists navigate the complex music industry landscape. Managing bookings for more than 50 acts throughout the years is a remarkable achievement and underscores his ability to handle a high volume of responsibilities effectively.

In summary, Rakesh Sharma's career in the music industry is marked by his exceptional skills in artist/booking management, event organization, and strategic leadership. His contributions have left a lasting impact on Tomorrowland and the broader music industry, making him a respected and influential figure in his field.

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