radical softness (DE)


Radical Softness, a name which, at first sight, seems controversial and yet has a very much deeper meaning. Being a somewhat radical person when it comes to vouching for values such as the right of self-expression, establishment of safer spaces and FLINTA visibility in the scene. On the other hand, being a radical person stands and falls with the softest part of any human – the inner self. Without emotion and passion, there will never be the radicality and drive for change that is needed. Radical Softness stands for change with all her actions, activism, positivity and drive.

On the musical side of the coin, Radical Softness immediately evokes a sense of warmth and force at the same time, which again represents the artistic direction of the name itself. Powerful rhythmic patterns go hand in hand with mellow synths – together on a mission to invite dancers to reach the subconscious in an almost therapeutic way. Radical Softness introduces repetition to you as the means to escape daily sorrows, to feel again and gain a few hours of freedom from a seemingly fast-paced and cold outside world.

Being a music lover is probably the uniting attribute of all DJs, but where the wheat really gets separated from the chaff is the interest in going deeper than just scraping the surface. Radical Softness’ desire to be a DJ already subconsciously began in 2013 when she started working at a local bar, where she quickly became the one in charge of the music playlists. This marks the beginning of following a path down the rabbit hole into a new universe and into digging through artists entire discographies. Her move to Berlin in 2015 further shaped her vision of music. By that time Radical Softness was already asking people in her circle to show her how to DJ, but never felt welcome enough to actually dive head first into the blue. In 2019 the switch luckily flicked, she stepped behind the decks, quickly gained recognition, especially through her well-received sets on HÖR Berlin and combined her deep music collection with the ability to quickly grasp how DJing works from the core. And yet, what we hear right now is just the beginning of what Radical Softness has to offer.

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