Rachael Starr (US)

Producer, DJ and vocalist, there is little territory this young artist hasn’t embraced. Rachael definitely feels the need to prove herself and work very hard at everything she does. As a result, Rachael now stands among the top ranking electronic artists, touted as a respected producer, exciting DJ and unique vocalist. “I guess one of the most important things to me is to not forget why you are doing what you are doing. Take yourself seriously, and other people will too.” she says. “In the end what it comes down to is the music, what it is as a whole and how it makes me who I am…” A native Californian, Rachael was brought up in a fairly musical household and informally trained in Piano, Cello and Voice. Her interest in dance music was first sparked circa 1992, when she discovered producers such as Orbital, Underworld and the Prodigy; and she has been hooked ever since. Throughout her life Rachael has had first-hand experience with how much music can influence a person. This knowledge, along with her desire to create music that made people feel the way the music she loved made her feel, ignited a passion for production and the soon to follow performance of DJing. Rachael’s interest in computers and music clashed in the year 2000, when she sat down at the computer and produced her first song. She spent a good amount of time honing her production and engineering skills while dabbling in and mixing styles ranging from house and techno to downtempo and dream-pop. After creating and releasing a few EP’s & remixes, Rachael made an unexpected move, deciding to add vocals to her music, and soon after released her first self-produced vocal tune ‘Remember’ in 2003. The summer of 2005 saw the release of Rachael’s true production & vocal debut, ‘Till There Was You’. The song was picked up by major dance labels all over the world including Ultra (US), Positiva (UK) and Ministry of Sound (AUS) and received remixes from duos Gabriel & Dresden and Creamer & K among others. Till There Was You quickly became a revolutionary cross-genre hit, being played by nearly every major DJ from Pete Tong & Tiesto to Armand Van Buuren and Erick Morillo. Soon after the release of Till There Was You, the follow up single ‘Crash’ was released, including an excellent remix from Italy’s Massimo Santucci. The single rode the waves of the underground for a few months before breaking through at Miami’s Winter Music Conference & the Ibiza Summer of 2006. 2007 saw the release of Rachael’s first collaboration project, and through this alliance, the very well received track ‘Bleeding Heart’ was spawned. Gaining massive popularity in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, ‘Bleeding Heart’ was definitely one of the tracks that defined the Summer of 2008. The track featured production from France’s David Vendetta, vocals from Rachael Starr, violins from Micah, and saw remixes from Balasko & Rachael herself. In 2008, Rachael’s new solo project ‘To Forever’ was released. This project received remixes from world renowned producers Joshua Collins, Moonbeam and Deadmau5, as well as being featured on dance music’s best selling mix compilation: Tiesto’s ‘In Search of Sunrise 7’ (Black Hole Recordings). ‘To Forever’ was another smash hit for Rachael, defying genres and being played by world renowned DJ’s as well as receiving nearly 2 million youtube views to date. Since then, Rachael has released numerous new tracks, remixes, and collaborations with the likes of In The Screen (Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, Jose Nunez), Cedric Gervais and Serge Devant. The future is wide open for this bright girl, as Rachael has definitely earned the reputation of an artist who is always looking forward and refuses to accept any picky definitions or classifications of dance music. Completely conscious of what she is doing, Rachael continues to make music that is both floor moving, and at the same time, deep. The next few years look very promising, and the dance music community is eagerly anticipating the release of her debut artist album, as well as collaborations with and remixes for many renowned artists. Rachael looks forward to what the future holds for dance music and hopes that she can continue to be an essential part in helping it to grow and move forward.
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