Röyksopp (NO)


‘Norwegian duo Röyksopp, comprised of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, have been shaping the electronic music landscape since their debut vinyl single "So Easy" in 1999. Their unique blend of electronic pop transcends boundaries, making them iconic figures in European music.

Röyksopp's music reflects their dualistic nature, merging sadness and happiness, darkness and humor, epic and naive elements. Despite their contrasting personalities, the duo's synergy creates a seamless artistic unity. Their quirky yet sweet compositions have captivated audiences worldwide, achieving chart-topping success.

Breaking free from conventional album formats, Röyksopp continually push creative boundaries. They masterfully incorporate vintage film music, prog rock, synth-pop melodies, and club culture, pioneering a distinct genre.

Their music, characterized by lush electroacoustic textures, has influenced various genres, from house to psychedelic rock. While their sonic arsenal has expanded over the years, including an array of analog synths and samplers, Röyksopp maintains their commitment to crafting every aspect of their music. They write lyrics, melodies, play instruments, produce, and mix their tracks, ensuring a unique sound.

The duo's journey began in their youth in Tromsø, a remote Norwegian town. Despite the lack of a thriving music scene, their fascination with electronic music, coupled with inspiration from science fiction and nature, birthed their unique sound. They joined forces with like-minded artists in Bergen, solidifying "the Bergen wave," that made it easy to understand each other creatively, and which also set them apart from everyone else in Norway or anywhere in the world at the time.

Röyksopp's international breakthrough came with their debut album "Melody AM" in 2001, featuring hits like "Eple" and "Remind Me." They continued to evolve, releasing introspective albums like "The Understanding" and showcasing their versatility with albums "Junior" and "Senior".

Collaborations with esteemed vocalists, including Susanne Sundfør, Lykke Li, Karin Dreijer, and Robyn, added depth to their music. Röyksopp's unique textures and humanistic soundscapes set them apart, resonating deeply with listeners.

As they embark on their ambitious project "Profound Mysteries," exploring technology and nature, Röyksopp remains committed to their innovative spirit. They've demonstrated that they are more than just an electronic act; they are creators of profound and timeless music.’

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