Born in Madagascar & raised in France.
RÆZA’s fascination for electronic music emerged in 2018 but he has
always lived in the world of music since his childhood, thanks to the
influence of his Malagasy origins.
He made his debut on the Austrian field by Co-founding his own
collective « Klangangriff » in April 2019 with friends, coming from all
over Europe. Late 2020, he became a member and Resident DJ of the
Dresden based Queer Collective Rawmantique.
He evolved over the past 3 years his specific preference for techno
which he would describe as fast, textured & Sexual. Music is for him a
powerful vector of feelings. It has a real power to share with others. It
generates a feeling of emotional security, love and a sensual and erotic
The most important part of his DJ set is the exchange of energy with the
audience. This exchange gives every performance a unique character.
RÆZA’s playful and energetic approach has led him to perform in some
of the most important cities in Europe, such as Paris, Amsterdam,
Berlin, Vienna, and Geneva to name a few, with even more exciting
adventures ahead for the future.

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