Quincy Steveninck (BE)

Quincy is one of the most thriving ‘retro’ dj’s in Belgium. He’s not only a very successful dj. But also the leading promoter in ‘retro’ events. The most famous one being ‘Age of Love’ which sells out more often than not - even after 9 years of existence. Quincy is also responsible for many other concepts such as The Sound of Belgium, Cherry Moon, Teknoville, Extreme Reunion, History of Trance, … Next to that, he’s one of the driving forces behind the ‘Cirque Magique’ festival which was voted ‘Best Breakthrough Festival’ in 2015 and nominated ‘Best Festival’ in 2016. Quincy started his career in 1996 as one of the first dj’s and event promoters to introduce progressive house music to the Belgian club scene. This resulted in a residency in the famous Extreme club in Affligem. Shortly after the closing in 2001, Quincy continued his progressive house vibe with the ‘Rebuilding Mondays’ nights at the legendary old Boccaccio in Destelbergen. During many years Quincy kept working on his reputation as innovative house promoter with several concepts, inviting often breakthrough artists at that moment. With Soul Phonic (former duo studio project with Benny Quinart) several releases where signed on labels such as Coincidence Records, Silver Screen and of course his own imprint Punk'id Records where Quincy was responsible for the A&R till 2010. ‘Vinyl only’ DJ Quincy played lots of festivals and legendary clubs & events as Tomorrowland, The Ark, Ostend Beach, Fantasia, Hypo Dream, 10DaysOff, Laundry Day, Feest In Het Park, Kozzmozz, Beats Of Love, Paradise, Café d'Anvers, Fuse, La Rocca, Noxx, ... and also abroad in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Croatia and Ibiza. The last decade he worked himself up to thé leading promoter of ‘retro’ events, starting with ‘Age of Love’ together with Nik Vandenberghe from Charlatan. The concept proved so successful that they quickly had to move from Charlatan to Vooruit and now easily fill up 3 rooms of the Artcube venue on their birthdays. The Age of Love events also brought forth two double compilations with remastered versions of all the best retro classics and is now a steady value and host on Belgium’s most famous festival Tomorrowland. As such he gained the trust of many others and became responsible for big Belgian brands as ‘The Sound of Belgium’ for whom he’s in charge of their club-tours as well as the nights for Studio Brussels first electronic show Teknoville. Also big clubs as Cherry Moon or Extreme trust him to make an extraordinary experience of their revival events. For those he touches down in legendary clubs as Balmoral, Bocca, La Rocca, … His latest endeavour is his participation in the Cirque Magique festival in Ledegem which sold out in its second year and was hailed by public and press to such an extent that it won and was nominated for best festival twice in the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. ‘Rhythm is fundamental to the spirit’ has always been Quincy’s motto and that remains the case after more than 20 years in the business!
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