Pushkatin & Mills (US)

Two straight up dj's / vocalist from the ol' skool…one grew up in the USA. The other in the underground world of acid house in Amsterdam. When the two met, there was an absolute synergy and only one thing could happen after.. their forces combined. Together they created a sound no one has ever heard before. We're talking Berlin sounding beats, New York sounding rhymes, an energetic UK style club feel combined with a touch of Detroit techno. In other words: its a mix of the best house flavours the world has to offer! - Anthony Mills is a lyric tenor who has defied genres with his voice. Ghettotrance, now synonymous with his name is in fact his genre. With over 1000 vaulted original songs you will find out that Mills is uniquely prolific. With over 10 Million streams under his belt as a voice for Dada Life (swe) and Moonbootica (GER) Anthony Mills is poised to alter the world we live in with his debut SOLO album on it's way. Wildcookie "cookie dough" and "drugs EP" also showcase the voice, PEN and paintbrush of this artiste. The future for Anthony Mills holds Major featured collaborations , EP's and a unrelentless push for classic original artistry. Not bad for a young man born and raised in Akron, Ohio and NYC. Mr. Mills now resides in Stockholm, Sweden for the past 8 years and lives as a musician, fine artist, dj and poet. - Wendel Kos aka Pushkatin started out on the alternative side of the underground and club scene in the Netherlands. This included highlights at the infamous Dance Valley festivals and Heineken Music Hall and live performances with various projects. His remix of Ercola "Every Word” reached top spots in Europe as well as a #1 position in the USA Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart and was in the top 10 for 46 weeks! He just finished a remix for Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional” and VV Brown’s “Shark in the Water”.
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