Primal (DK)

The past few years, Primal has been involved with an electronic music project by the name of Kúra, featuring the Icelandic singer Fanney Ósk. Kúra, which became a widely recognized electronic act in northern Europe, offered an opportunity to explore new areas, ideas and genres. He eventually got introduced to the underground techno society by the Just This crew. Primal was then inspired to evolve his soundscape in new directions, resulting in a previously unexplored, darker universe with hypnotizing melancholic rhythms and heavy bass-lines. The man behind Primal, Brynjar Bjarnfoss, was born in Reykjavík, Iceland where spent his early childhood years. Since moving to Copenhagen at an early age, the music was always on the agenda. As a young adult he quickly got recognition in the Copenhagen underground electronic scene. He rapidly became a re-occurring act at various well renowned events, such as; Roskilde Festival, Distortion, Stella Polaris, STRØM and numerous clubs across Europe. He is currently featured as a newly implemented act of the Milano based Just This movement, and has recently cofounded the Just This record label.
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