Piter Terpstra (NL)

Piter Terpstra is one of the founders of Club Paradigm. Situated in the city Groningen, in the north of Holland. Piter has a background within the entertainment industry. In 1999 he started with a distribution company buying and selling entertainment products (cd / dvd / games). In 2007 the time was to start his own company. After a few rough and tough years he started making parties in Leeuwarden (Holland). Creating a big fanbase in the following years, and making two label events from his own imprint ‘Klopfgeist’ in Berlin he met Paul Grimmius. The two made plans creating a festival in Groningen, which was a succes from the start. In Oktober 2011 they did the first club event in the fresh named club Paradigm and the concept was born. From there it has been a rollercoaster with parties and festivals. With a long list of notorious parties Paradigm has been of great influence of the scene in Groningen. This years August Paradigm Festival made it’s movement to a new location where it will stay for the next following years. Their focus is not longer on parties only. Paradigm want’s to create a Festival Area where everything is build from re-used materials, eco-toilets, self sustainability and recycling.
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