Philogresz (TR)

Haunting grooves from some lost movie. “Moody, old taped-blend, jazzy and organically composed; yet it is arrogantly inviting techno with absolutely no boundaries… with his production, you often get the feeling you are on the outside, looking in. A slow, marching, soul searching with an underlying warmth. His goal seems to be channeling unexpected sudden deep space or possibly even beyond that, and while it does get excessive in the build-ups, it is still a very intriguing that seems to have solid footing in the more abstract realms of techno. After a multitude of releases on labels like Echocord, Ware, Electric Deluxe,Treibstoff, his vinyl only gem PHIL, Philogresz a.k.a Ilker Soylu is rooted firmly in the intelligent electronic music scene with his organic evolving musical composition. Complex, but not too far from straightforward grooves blend in smoothly in his live & dj set; keeping the diversity and energy on the steady level. Still, the artist explores new grounds over and over again.
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