Phaeleh (GB)

Phaeleh has now been turning heads for a full decade thanks to his always cinematic style of electronic music. Born Matt Preston, this artist’s first release was in 2008, and since then he has continued to evolve his style while always floating between the varied tempos and shifting timbres of dubstep, house music, garage and electronica. Hailing from Bristol, his releases always prove to be big hits across the scene and have helped to confirm him as one of the most exciting and consistent producers in the scene.

 Phaeleh runs his own label Undertow and in 2016 made a big return after a small hiatus ‘lost within the music industry abyss' with his All That Remains EP. He has also proved himself an essential remixer on labels like Born Electric and Cognitive Shift having reworked material by Cloud Boat and Roger Goula to great effect. In terms of his DJing, Phaeleh has played across North America and has headlined big festivals such as Sonic Bloom in Colorado. Next to his more club focussed, beat driven releases Phaeleh has also put out an ambient album, Illusion of the Tale, which proved a big success with the music press. It was followed up by two sold out shows in London and Bristol as well as plenty of continued DJ gigs Late 2017 saw him release his Lost Time album on his own label and it combined live instrumentation with sub heavy melodies, vintage synth sounds and field recordings to make for something utterly compelling.
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