Pedro M (US)

PEDRO M has been a driving force of the Dance music in Central Florida since the early 90's. Originally from Baltimore, PEDRO M relocated to Central Florida to be a pioneer in the Electronic Music Scene; Unique, Versatile, Confident, Raw, a great entertainer; These are just a few of the words industry insiders and fans have used to describe the talent behind one of America's favorite house DJ's in Central Florida. PEDRO Has worked his way up to become a name in high demand in the United States and all over the world; steadily building a reputation that have landed him gigs with renowned artists such as DEEP DISH, Roger Sanchez, David Guetta, Boris, Benny Benassi, Christopher Lawrence, Robbie Rivera, Infinithy, Eric Prydz, Chus+Ceballos, Victor Calderone, Cedric Gervais to name just a few. PEDRO M uncompromising style and innovation show no sign of slowing down any time soon. The world had a taste of PEDRO M during 2009 with his appearances at the BARCELONA Summer Week 2009, Sunset Sunday and Vynil Afters hours in Malta and his 2nd tour in Australia for the Valley Vibe Festibal along with moving maste, hook & sling, Staford Brothers & Polyfonic. PEDRO M also continue to reign in South America chosen as the #1 up and coming DJ by a renown magazine in Peru. For years PEDRO M has captivated clubbers and partygoers as he reigned supreme over the central florida dance scene. For 2010 PEDRO M returns once again to the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in miami to continue his strong presence in U.S with in shows such as Vibe along with David Guetta the now Legendary DAYGLOW Festival, headling for Robbie Rivera in Juicy Space, for the second year in a row at the Barcelona Summer Fest and performing in front of 7000 people in MALTA Festival. The trilling fact is that PEDRO M is far to reach the peak and he is just in a long race to the top. Is unpredictable to know whats in store for PEDRO M, but what can be for sure is his impact will be one that will be felt for many future generations.
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