Paul Sears (IT)

Born in London. Moved to Italy when he was 20 in the early 80’s. Started his professional career helping out in the studio, writing songs and organizing the professional lives of singers on crossover club records produced in Italy where he built his niche business working with Italian talent with international potential. His first real management job was in the 90’s with Whigfield who went to the #1 in the UK charts for 4 weeks running with “Saturday Night”. He has been managing Benny Benassi since 2002, with whom he has won a Grammy, had a couple of big records and played a few festivals. With Off Limits, Italy, he set up a pioneering service to collect Neighbouring Rights for artists before the Internet existed. He has been an active music publisher for thirty years. In 2009 he co-founded Spaceship Management, guiding the careers of Italian talent such as Crookers, the Bloody Beetroots, Alex Gaudino, as well as Benny Benassi and the upcoming multi-platinum duo, Merk & Kremont. As a consultant in Italy, he has brokered deals between top Italian urban artists and the likes of Quavo and Timberland, to name but a couple.
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