Parallelle (FR)


Thomas and Julien de Bie aka Parallelle are DJs, producers, composers, and field recorders. Parallelle's music offers a captivating and powerful experience, where groovy rhythms, dynamic instrumentals, soulful voices, and electronic waves blend seamlessly. Their signature take on electronic club music is truly one of a kind, characterized by heavy basslines and uplifting vocals, all supported by the magic of live recorded instruments. They played renowned festivals like Burning Man, DGTL, Wildeburg, and SXM Festival, and prestigious clubs such as Fabric London, Pacha Ibiza, and KaterBlau Berlin. Parallelle is also deeply fascinated by the diversity of sounds and music styles.

For their ambitious 'A DAY IN' project they recorded sounds and videos around the globe for three years, meeting local musicians and their mesmerizing instruments. This immersive experience resulted in 11 tracks and videos and aims to shine a spotlight on diverse cultures, communities, ethnicities, instruments, and rhythms.

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