Panda Lassow (NL)

Annika Wetzko AKA Panda Lassow is one of Rotterdam’s multi-talented musical creatives. She DJs, produces, runs the labels ANUS Records and LES CIDRES, organises The Beatmakers Union and since 2012 she also hosts her own show on Red Light Radio. Listening to Panda Lassow always is like going on a journey for explorations - electronic music from all over the world with an affinity to dances, rhythmic structures and mental explosions. “Creativity to me is what I make out of ideas and visions. Freedom of expression is a strong western world achievement which I value above most others.” Born and raised in East-Germany, her personal history influenced her today’s attitude to music and all her creations in general - simplicity, DIY, just do it, learning by doing, surprises happen out of your comfort zone, people are fascinating. “I always have been interested in technics and people at the same time. And music integrates both - in making and experiencing.” Hearing this makes it logical that after a MSc degree in Computer Science (data privacy and security) and deepening in Electronics of acoustics and sound design, she started DJing and producing her own creations next to working in IT. “Deciding to move to Rotterdam (NL) in 2009, has been one of the best decisions in my life so far. All the different cultures influence my music and selections very much. My music feels like home to me now. I love it. This is me.” Her creations like the TRORA Vol. 1 & 2 releases show that at its best - global bass creations influenced by her roots like techno and rave. And Laurel Halo knew it too and selected her track Lachowa to be one of the tracks on her DJ Kicks this year.
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