Pan Hongbo (CN)

Pan Hongbo began to make electronic music in 2014, with good music accomplishment. He began to learn bamboo flute and saxophone at the age of 7, and obtained social arts level examination certificate level 10. His tracks rise and fall in 4/4 beats of urgency. We can see the distinct influence of German industrialization and Gnosticism. Pan Hongbo's tracks make use of a large number of modular synthesizers. Intersperse the dense lines with endless details and strong beats in music. His music is full of youthful energy. It was like a very powerful bass drum, long Pad of haziness, dark, structured wall of sound. He has released Confused, Downwave and Oriental Seven. In 2018, he started his record label PAN Records to launch music from himself and other like-minded producers. The style focuses on deep techno, hypnotic techno and minimal techno. Pan Hongbo's excellent music productions and creative talents have led him to many famous clubs and music festivals around the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, China, Italy, etc. Pan Hongbo was born in 1997 and now lives in chengdu, sichuan, China
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