Ouyang (CN)

As one of the most famous rock musicians from the earliest glory days of rock in China, Ou Yang has influenced countless numbers of young people through the power of rock music. The year 2003 was a milestone year for Ou Yang, during which he travelled to the UK to study electronic music, and set out on a new path to become a professional DJ. With a broadened vision, he was able to begin to use a more structured way of thinking about art to take the dance music that had always been in him and turn that into his own style as a DJ. Through DJing at many a wide variety of clubs and events in Beijing, such as Tango and White Rabbit, Ou Yang was able to hone his skills and style, creating a signature “Ou Yang” dance sound. Since 2006, Ou Yang has been featured each year on the Midi Festival’s Yen Electronic Music Stage. He brings a cushioning sense of revelation to the cold hardness of techno, a sense of fresh movement to minimal and gives full and free rein to the explosive power of break beat. As owner of the leading live music venue in Beijing YuGongYiShang, Ouyang is one of the leading Chinese pioneer music promoters.
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