Orly Gal (US)


Orly Gal has been a prominent figure in both the vibrant Los Angeles and the international electronic music communities for well over a decade. Her musical journey has continually pushed the boundaries of sonic exploration, drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of genres, including dark wave, post-punk, and classical music. The result is a distinctive and captivating sound that seamlessly blends esoteric overtones with pulsating rhythms.

Orly possesses an unparalleled knack for striking the perfect equilibrium between sonic tension and the unrelenting exploration of the auditory landscape. This prowess has catapulted her to the pinnacle of chart-topping success, winning the resounding support of label impresario From our Minds. Her sonic odyssey includes acclaimed releases on revered imprints like KD Raw, HDDNSYMBLS, Ushuaia Music, DZB Records, Blok Recordings, Konnekkt, Endless Records, Understated at Nite, and Haustronaut Recordings.

Beyond her musical mastery, Orly Gal stands as the visionary architect behind Hidden Symbols Records (HDDNSYMBLS), a boutique label fervently dedicated to curating and nurturing the cutting edge of electronic sound. It thrives as a platform championing forward-thinking techno and has birthed a thriving community of sonic explorers who share a profound commitment to the evolution of sound.

Orly Gal also serves as the luminary founder and curator of Frequently Mentioned LA (FMLA), a dynamic media conduit relentlessly dedicated to championing the electronic music movement and its sonic visionaries. In her latest odysseys, she takes the helm as co-host of Transduction Signal on Dublab Radio with Trovarsi and collaborates closely with 6AM Group, channeling her talents as a media consultant, artist, host, and guest writer.

Orly Gal's multifaceted contributions continue to shape the electronic music landscape.

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