Nouri Larelle (NL)

From since he was little, Nouri Larelle listened to electronic music. Techno was the sound that turned his life around. Like every young man Nouri Larelle went to clubs and parties. He was so impressed by the artists and the dj’s skills whom played with the crowd, that from that moment one he was sure that he wanted to experience the same. He started saving for a dj – set and kept on searching for new tracks and recording live sets. Dj’s that inspired him were artists like Umek, Marco Carola, Michel de Hey en dj Roog. Nouri Larelle was 19 years old, when he bought his first dj-set. He started to play house music with always a techy sound. From that moment on Nouri Larelle will use every free minute he has for searching, buying and most of all spinning his records. After a while he started recording his sets and had his first gig in De Waakzaamheid. A few months later he was spotted by BMG which organized gigs in the P3 in Purmerend, De Lichtfabriek in Haarlem and at The Melkweg in Amsterdam. After a stop of a few month and the birth of his daughter Nouri Larelle picked up where he left. His passion for music never changed and he always stayed up to date with new tracks and new producers in the scene. His hard work turned in to a new demo full of loops and effects which let you know what style Nouri Larelle plays. The style he represents is Tech-House.
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