Nigel Dymez (NL)

Music has always been a strong element in Nigel Dymez his life. In the past, his dad has always been involved with music while his mother gave it a little Surinam twist. In 2012, Nigel bought his first midi controller en practiced Dj’ing every day. At present time, he practiced DJ'ing in different clubs around the Netherlands like Club Air, Nyx, Escape, Maassilo and a lot more. Recently he played at North Sea Hemkade with Bizzey and at Beachclub Vroeger. Nigel Dymez is also seen at festivals like Latin village, Palmudo Festival, Rijnweek and Nyx Festival. He is known for his Passion and enthusiastic vibe but his strongest factor is his musical diversity and his energy during shows. From Urban to House, Nigel Dymez can do it all.
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