Nicolas Masseyeff (DE)

Back in 1989, on the scorching French Riviera, Nicolas Masseyeff’s long affection for electronic music first began. After that first kiss, then the man spent 15 years in his hometown as a record dealer, before buying his own outlet, Limelight, and turning it into the most respected record store in the whole of Southern France. Drawing inspiration from a wide sonic plane that includes minimalism, jazz, new wave, Detroit techno and Chicago house, it’s producers like Steve Reich, John Cage, Carl Craig, UR, Basic Channel and Larry Heard that Masseyeff looks up to. It’s no surprise, then, that in 1998 Nico began experimenting on his own. Only in 2006 was he happy with the musical identity he had forged for himself, though, so only then did he release his first productions. Most recently, though, is Masseyeff’s full length project, The Motherland: it’s an odyssey into the man’s mind, featuring twists and turns, blissful sections and joie de vivre, but also melancholia and sorrow, just like in his life; just like in your life… Coming on Herzblut in November 2011, it will no doubt win the man who already plays at clubs and festivals around the world (and has done for two decades); the man who already designs sounds for some world renowned brands and the man who already composes for fashion shows across the globe, even more discerning fans.
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