Nicki Monty (US)

With an infinite passion to create music, her tracks speak volumes with captivating deep, afro, and melodic house music that anyone can dance to as well as pop and deep lounge that displays a full spectrum of diversity and creativity . As a DJ, her agenda is to create an atmosphere healing through Afro Deep, Techno, and Deep House music for dancers and house music lovers . As a producer, Nicki Monty is here to make an impact on the dance music scene. Nicki's love of music started at home with her mother who was a singer, and a music lover. Growing up in a military family exposed Nicki to many cultures in the US and abroad in Europe. Listening to various styles of dance music, r&b, and soul compelled Nicki to learn to play melodies on her keyboard. Identifying with her passion at a young age kept music at the forefront of her life. Nicki has coined a term "Existential Dimensionalist" to describe herself within her realm of music. She describes her tracks (songs) as "a soundtrack to life". "All moments are not the same and can not have one genre". This is what motivates and compels her to search deep and beyond and explore sounds while producing, and exploring music for her DJ sets .
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