Nick Varon (GR)

His bond with the art of music began within the instruments of piano and guitar . While searching for the right platform to share his musical instincts, he went through various styles of music, mainly Jazz and Rock. If you have seen him perform @ Club Venue in Athens, Greece where he has remained for 5 years as a resident DJ or anywhere else around the world, (United States , Argentina, Asia and all over Greece of course ... just to name the few) then you will have clicked to this . Nick Varon is someone that knows what it means to blend endless styles of house music with a direct approach & always with an underground touch . His main elements to the equation of a good party are the venue, the crowd and the vibe. With this in mind, his DJ sets change according to all elements involved and take you on a journey full of rhythm and dance. That's how he envisions his work & perhaps this has allowed him to deliver the "perfect warm-up" for many top players of global DJ'ing . Nick Warren has confirmed and supported Nick Varons' abilities and named him "the most underrated DJ in the world" in a recent Dj Mag Top 100 , and Sharam from Deep Dish has affirmed that "The flow in his dj sets touches perfection" . But that strength was mostly recognized by Hernan Cattaneo. He initially took him throughout his Greek Tours and long behold a partnership of music and talent was created that still flourishes today. Their collaboration has taken off with huge success in 2 continents (America/Asia) . Up to now the duo has accomplished almost 40 shows together .. Having now played in some of the best venues around the world, such as Pacha ( New York ) Mansion (Miami) Ageha (Tokyo ) & Creamfield Festival (Buenos Aires ) he has also done a remarkable production debut with his ''Shibuya'' EP . Along with his previous releases, (in collaboration with dPen) this only confirms an equally promising future on the production side as well .
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