Nick Karsten (SI)

Nick Karsten was born in 1988 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Soon he felt that he has DJ skills and found his place behind the turntable. His official DJ career started in autumn 2007 when he became resident DJ at a popular club in Ljubljana and remained there for some time. Success, praise and progress in the mixing technique in 2008 led to a position of resident DJ in a cutting-edge futuristic club in the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana, where he played until summer 2009. In addition to the resident position he also played in many clubs around the country where he gathered a lot of experience. He performed abroad as well. His energetic and persuasive sets fill the dance floor with energy and never leave the audience indifferent. His values are: creativity, elegance, perfectionism, entertainment, minimalism, movement and energy. Minimalism and energy seem to be two completely different or even opposite notions. The first is about the absence of unnecessary elements with the aim to achieve cleanliness, coldness and introversion. The second is about expansion, great concentration of power in a small place, freedom, wildness, extroversion. But the power of creativity can prove us wrong and surprise us when it reaches its peak. The intro-extro concept gives an exceptional freedom of expression. It’s viewpoint is clear, unambiguous and remarkable. The visually attractive and conceptually progressive idea can be admired on every floor with Nick Karsten.
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