Nick Adler (US)

Speaker (Business Partner Snoop Dogg, The Unified)

Nick Adler has spent his career at the intersection of entertainment and technology.

Born and raised in Woodstock NY, Nick spent his youth immersed in music, art and film before moving to New York City to attend Law School.

Upon graduating with his JD, Adler began his career co-founding the Woodstock Film Festival and worked as an attorney in Manhattan for a number of years. After honing his skills in the legal realm, he relocated to Los Angeles, California and transitioned into television production and talent management.

As a founding member of Stampede Management and Cashmere Agency in 2009, Nick led Business Development efforts for the company and its clients. Over the course of a decade, Nick helped to grow the business into a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 100 employees, before leaving to pursue new projects in Web3, cryptocurrency and the NFT space. Currently, Nick is an investor and advisor for a number of high-profile companies and luxury brands across the fintech and entertainment industries, including The Sandbox Game, Yuga Labs, and Non-Fungible Labs. Nick has also been a longtime business partner to Snoop Dogg, serving as a pivotal figure in growing him into a global icon.

Nick recently co-founded an innovative new digital wearable project, Mintage (MNTGE), which is anticipated to launch this fall.

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