Nathan Adams (GB)

Nathan Adams is a multi talented singer/musician/songwriter/producer from London who developed and honed his skills in church. Since then he has relentlessly pursued a career in music and has performed at various locations around England, Europe and the USA. Nathan has competed and won in various shows including The 291 Show and UK Unsigned. Shortly after the UK Unsigned final, Nathan stepped away from the RnB/Soul music he was accustomed to making and ventured in a new direction. In a twist of fate, Nathan moved house opposite to producer Zepherin Saint, who heard him practising funk tracks with his band, The Superwingaz. Intrigued, Dean investigated and this chance meeting he two created a musical spark between them and went on to create their first international deep house anthem, \'Circles\', on Zepherin\'s Tribe Records in 2009.
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