Naomi Gezius (NL)


Naomi Gezius is an Amsterdam based DJ and Producer who grew up alongside the Amsterdam festival scene. To her, a festival/party feels like home, and dancing like expression and healing. All that experience has resulted in a thorough knowledge of how the dancefloor works. This combined with her ability to connect with people makes her a natural at reading a crowd and giving them what they want. Nothing makes her move more than a proper beat with a good bass that shakes you to the core. Always sticking to what she knows and loves, Naomi serves you a night filled with groovy bassy minimal, topped off with some House classics. After a small detour to corporate law, Naomi has found her way to the decks and back to the dancefloor, discovering that that’s where she belonged all along. Her unrivalled party energy, warm demeanor, and relentless work ethic really do make her hard to forget.

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