Namy (JP)

Namy is one of the representative music producer in Japan, who has been in the top 9 of the U.S. Billboard chart. His music is based on soulful dance music, and mixing with the essence of funk, Latin, jazz. Audiences from both inside and outside of Japan love his music. As “Namy,” He has released 10 original albums, and has released more than 300 music from various overseas labels, such as King Street sounds from the U.S., Hed Kandi from the U.K., and Milk Sugar from Germany. His debut album in Japan “Namy Black” has won the 1st place in i-Tunes dance album section. He has made his overseas debut with his music “There She Stands,” featuring Monday Michiru, He has collaborated with some of the legendary house music producers, such as Barbara Tucker, the frequent 1st place winner in the U.S. Billboard dance chart, Josh, Milan (Blaze), Kathy Brown, Stephanie Cooke, Marc Evans, and Joi Cardwell. These collaborated works have gradually made him famous worldwide. His works “I Can’t Wait” and “Not This Time,” featuring Barbara Tucker, first appeared in the 2nd place consecutively in the Breakouts for Hot Dance Club Play section in the Billboard chart, and ranked in to the 9th and 19th place in the U.S. Billboard dance chart. A lot of his works have ranked in to charts; some of them were in the 30th place in the house music section in the world’s biggest music download website “beatport” and 5 music in the Top 100 House/Indie Dance NU Disco chart. His works were also in the top of the single chart in the house music download website “Traxsource” and “Soulful House Chart.” In 2013, he released the remixed version remixed by Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper. His music were included in “Hed Kandi BEACH HOUSE,” the U.K. dance music and culture brand which has sold more than 10 million through 2014 and 2015. Namy was chosen in the 51st place in the Top 100 Soulful House Artists of 2015 in “Traxsource.” Not only he releases music, but also offers his music for the background music inside of aircrafts for STARFLYER, a Japanese airline company. He appears in fashion or music festivals as well. He is definitely one of a few Japanese artists known worldwide, is a nature and food lover, and, is a free spirit. Press Tilllate Magazine(Europe) House Nation Magazine(USA) Soulful House Sounds(UK) Radioshows DEEPINSIDE RADIO SHOW 071 (UK) Handz On Radio(USA) Hed Kandi radio(UK) BBC WM 95.6(UK) Clubs and events Black Flamingo(USA) TBA(USA) Pianos(NYC) Shanghai Rose(Shanghai) Vera(KOREA) W Hotel-woo bar-(KOREA) WOMB(TOKYO) Jicoo(TOKYO) and more than 300 clubs,raves,Party and events, Discography Charts Placement Thare She Stands #4 Traxsource Soulful House From Now On #1 Traxsource Single /#1 Traxsource Soulful House I Can’t wait #9 Billboard Dance /#39,#35 Beatport House I’m Not Ashamed #35 Traxsource Soulful House of 2015 /#3 Traxsource Soulful House / #51 Beatport Indie Dance Nu disco Not This Time #19 Billboard Dance / #39 Beatport House Reset #2 Traxsource Single /#1 Traxsource Soulful House #99 Beatport House / #59 Beatport Indie Dance Nu disco Bright Eyes #10 Traxsource Soulful House
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