Naffz (NL)

With the successful bootleg hit ‘Casanova’, the from Breda originated Naftali Likumahuwa, also known as NAFFZ, placed his name in the EDM scene. Picked up by big names such as Hardwell, Yellow Claw, FeestDJRuud and Dirtcaps, he had the opportunity to show his sound via official remixes. Like Hardwell, also Yellow Claw asked him to make a remix, this led to a remix of the hit Krokobil together with the well-known Alvaro. After many remixes and bootlegs, Naffz discovered his talent in producing alternative EDM styles and now he is even called ‘’The King of Moombahton’’ by some. Naffz has a lot of qualities and those are recognized by fellow artists. He was even mentioned as a talented DJ/Producer in an interview in Betribes 2012 by Dirtcaps. In September 2012 Naffz signed at Cloud 9 Publishing and he is now free to release his own music on different labels. Like his remix of Dutchin’ by Joeysuki, this track was a great success and it reached the top 10 at DanceTunes. The young talent is well-known for his unique sound. In the beginning he brought his sound on the market by making bootlegs of classic songs. Nowadays, he is very busy to develop his sound, which continuous to gain international recognition. Naffz’ sets are recognizable by his crowd-pleasing productions combined with other music genres, which fits perfectly together. Since 2012 he had to play at many events, both home and abroad. Everywhere he went, he received good feedback and this gave him motivation to go further and make progress. The young successful DJ seems to be unstoppable, because in the summer of 2013 he will make his debut at one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands: XO Live Extrema Outdoor 2013! Naffz is ready to enter the world of EDM on his own unique way. He is prepared to give it all as a person, artist and music lover! The world is opening for Naffz and it looks like the best is yet to come…
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