Myra (NL)


MYRA is an emerging and exciting artist on the rise and resident DJ at the Amsterdam-based Label and event series ANTIDOTE. MYRA favors to translate herself into hypnotic yet powerful techno, focusing on strong percussive elements with mysterious textures where she explores the more deep and trippy side of techno.

Coming from a musical family, MYRA started playing the piano at a young age. As a teenager she discovered several underground subgenres, and over the years she gathered a carefully chosen vinyl and digital music selection. Taking the next step, MYRA got into producing and honed her musical and creative capacities at the Electronic Music Academy / Conservatory of Amsterdam, where she recently graduated successfully. At the conservatory MYRA discovered her fascination for analogue gear, that she now uses intensively as a producer.

Soon after she started to play at renowned underground clubs and events throughout the Netherlands, with recent highlights in 2023 that include Awakenings, 909 festival, Ploegendienst festival, Into the Woods festival and ANTIDOTE x BCCO. Her artistic journey is just starting to unfold, propelled by a mindset and drive to push boundaries, and aiming to do live sets in the near future.

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