Munk (DE)

Munk is the project of MATHIAS MODICA. Besides producing music Mathias also runs GOMMA records and the new sublabel TOY TONICS with some friends. Munk's most succesfull releases were "Kick out" - with James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem and the clubhit La Musica. A new Munk album will be released in spring 2014. Recorded at Mathias' studio in Berlin. All songs feature two new vocalists: Mona Lazette (London) and Lizzy Paige (NYC). Both living in Berlin. In january 2014 Munk did two singles on other labels: Intimate Stranger on London's Under the Shade and Ja!Ja!Ja! on Mule Music/ Tokio. Mathias last album „The Bird and the beat“ came out in 2011. The album became a big indie dance seller. Songs from the album where licensed to videogames and fashionbrands like Grand Theft Auto, Chanel, Surface to Air, Margiela and others. After having spent more then a year in the studio Mathias is finally doing again what he love best: Touring and playing all around the world. As a DJ and ...with the new 4 person Munk band.
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