Mother Earth (GB)


Mother Earth are a London-based duo formed by best friends, Suzie & Bella.
Collectively they have both believed and pushed their ethos in everything that
they do; celebrating and supporting dance music, making it a place to express
yourself, celebrate equality, appreciate those hidden gems and mostly
importantly making it a place to have fun.
Although best friends, they have embarked on slightly different journeys before
coming together to create their podcast and event series Mother Earth Sounds,
and collective DJ duo Mother Earth.

Suzie has been growing her sound and record collection for nearly a decade after
spending her younger years inspired by the UK underground scene and
establishing herself in the niche but established night life in the South-East of
England, she supported some of the UK’s largest artists including Paranoid
London, Janeret, Truly Madly and more. She very quickly grew her profile and
crafted a unique sound that got her noticed by promoters in the UK’s capital.

Bella grew up surrounded by dance music, being part of a family that were
hugely passionate and involved in the late 80s/early 90s underground music
scene, she grew a strong understanding and love for an eclectic range of dance music and understood the joy that it can bring to the dancefloor.

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