Morgan Åkesson (SE)

Morgan is a young dj from the southern parts of Sweden! He is only 24 years old but has djing since 2009. He was brought up in a lovely city called Skanör with his older brother who introduced him ’’house’’ music from an early age. He started playing at home with an old cd rack then moved on to computers with a simple usb mixer. Then he learned to play with cdjs and got hooked and loved the feeling standing infront of a crowd entertaining them and controlling the vibe. He has played in every club in his hometown and also in almost every one in Malmö. He was in Greece two whole summers living his dream of playing for a living. Then he came back and started playing in the most popular clubs in Malmö. This summer he was in Ibiza for the first time and had the luck of playing back2back at Bora Bora Beach Club with Michael Murica from Jango Music. Morgan loves to mix the old with the new; all of the people in the club should recognize the music because that makes a much funny dance floor with old and young people dance together.
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