Morah (GR)


Introduced at an early age to electronic music, Morah aged 16, started DJing and using music softwares working on sound design, collecting money to finally buy his first synth at 19 when he started experimenting with sounds. His debut release “Route” was on Helena Hauff's Return To Disorder label.

His sets cover a wide range of the electronic music fasma. vintage synth textures merge with industrial, techno and electro beats creating a ritualistic pathway all the way till catharsis.

Morah is a DJ with a gritty attitude, has his music ideology united different kinds of music as means of expression a notable inclination on experimental leftfield soundscapes and 80s indrustrial and minimal wave moving easily towards techno, ebm to electro and acid.

The Athenian producer has achieved gaining reputation as a post-industrial figure, hiding in the shadowy undergrounds of the greek capital. Feeling surrounded in a town of living zombies, he focus his entire existence in the absolute service of Music.

This seems to be the surreal beginning of a psychedelic journey in a devastated attempt for something real and pure.

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