Mojjo (BR)

Gederson Quintino, aka MOJJO, first started his musical career as a drummer at age 10. In 2011 he began his journey as a electronic dance music producer and soon grasped the attention of major national artists. By 2017 he decided to put forth his solo artistic career. Within the following years, he signed deal with Som Livre (Brazilian Major) and released collaborations with charting artist such as Bhaskar, KVSH and Hungria HipHop. With 30 million streams and over 900K monthly listerners on Spotify, MOJJO has also the support of iconic names sich as Alok, Vintage Culture, Cat Dealers and Don Diablo. He has also presented himself in major national events such as Surreal, Fantasia Goiânia, Universo Paralelo as well as Fernando de Noronha,s New Year’s Eve. This is only the career start of a producer capable of making himself present both in earphones and dancefloors; capabale of blending different musical styles and gentes. MOJJO is most certainly one to watch in the international dance music scene.
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