MoBlack (IT)

Mimmo Falcone alias MoBlack is a shaman of dance music, he leads others, he has an outspoken voice. He is a fashion guru and and overall amazing artist. Moving from Naples, south Italy to the south of the world, in Ghana, Africa, Mimmo Falcone has blend two heritages of the universal language of music. Mimmo Falcone is a dj and a producer, a creative spirit and a musician since his early teen-age. In 2003 he moved to the west side of central Africa, in Ghana, as MD of a food processing company. On the coasts of the Gulf of Guinea, he keeps playing and producing his deep house, mixing it with the heritage of the local and more traditional sounds and giving birth to a new project: MoBlack. In Twi, the major language spoken in Ghana, Mo means “Well done/Congratulation” as it stands for “Moda”, the Italian word for fashion and as Mo, the initial of his last name. MoBlack wants to celebrate and promote the beauty of Africa through music, art and fashion. Since his arrive in Africa, Mimmo Falcone has played and shared his faith in sound with local artists. The collaborations with African musicians let Mimmo understanding how it is hard for them to produce, release, promote their art. The lack of resources in the country made him founding MoBlack Records, his label which focuses on Deep Afro House; the mother label has a sub label, "Afro★ Zone" main genre Afro Jazz. The labels’ goal is supporting local artists in the international dancefloor industry. The debut track with the sign of MoBlack is “We Run The Music”, released in October 2012 by Jambalay, an Italian digital label and remixed by internationally wellknown such as artists Jordan Fields and Santonio Echols. MoBlack’s tracks have been remixed by other artists such as the Italian Robert Doubledee Mills and the dutch Orlando Voorn
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