Misloop (CN)

Jin Xue has left her imprint on the Asian music scene under the moniker of 'misloop'. In conversation, she is direct and magnetic - when she cares about something it shows immediately. Originally from Tianjin, China, she's one of characters we enjoy most in the club scene - loud, brash, straight up. Her charisma reflects in her infectious, vibrant and boisterous sets - crediting her as one of Shanghai's most trusted selectors for raw and unadulterated techno. For Misloop techno resembles more than just music; the uninhibited openness, pushing of boundaries and endless leeway that enrobes this genre is captured in her own club night STIR (Elevator, Shanghai) and made her decide to move to Berlin. She herself is happy and content about who and where she is today. Initially starting as a DJ 13 years ago, she has constantly progressed and honed her skills to developed her own peculiar style. Don't let her inconspicuous appearance dupe you - once behind the decks her tantalizing sounds drag you along for an enthralling ride.
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