Mind Your Step (NL)


Born in 1967 i was in my 20's when the house scene hit Holland.
After attending some (illegal) raves the virus struck and at once I knew i wanted more!

I started to collect vinyl, mastered the art of DJing and played at various underground parties in the local scene.

The next step was to produce the sound that i loved so much, but in that time, it was not so easy and accessible as it is nowadays, not being able to produce anything up to his standard nothing was released. Then because of work and life-related things it all faded slowly into the background. Gear was sold, vinyl stored, and life went on.
5 years ago, the techno virus struck again.

So, I decided to give this dream another chance. Started rebuilding my music collection and started mixing again.
Soon after that I was asked to do weekly radio shows at Housefreqs and Soundwave radio and played various clubs and locations during the last 5 years.

After Attending 2 years at the prestigious SAE institute for my basic and advanced degree in music production the direction I wanted to take became clear.

Because of the huge leap in technology it became much easier to mix 2 records together and soon my setup became a hybrid set-up with endless possibilities to manipulate tracks and add instruments, sounds and drums to the mix making it possible to interfere and manipulate the existing structures of a track and making it something really special, rather then just mixing from A to B and back again. Breaking down tracks in parts and in most cases just using a few bars or a loop from a track blending it with live played synths, drums and other snippets of tracks I like.

My style can be described leaning to the harder and darker side of techno, I like my techno deep hypnotic and driven, techno that pushes you forward and makes u want to get up and dance. I am also not a fan of big breaks so in most cases the train keeps on going for the duration of the set.

During Corona al gigs stopped and instead of doing nothing I decided to start live streaming my sets, being a perfectionist it soon became much more and I founded The Bas[s]ment, we provided a safe space for DJ’s during the pandemic to play and express themselves. The Bas[s]ment is a official stream location located in a underground venue in Amsterdam west and for the third year in a row we are a ADE official venue hosting more than 40 DJ’s during ADE week. During the last few years, we hosted more then 150 DJ’s from all round the world.

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