Mind Your Step (NL)


Born in 1967 Rob was in his 20's when the house scene hit Holland. After going to his first illegal rave, he immediately knew he wanted more. Quickly he started to collect vinyl, mastered the art of Djing and played at various underground parties in the local scene. The next step was to produce that he loved so much, in that time it was not so easy and accessible as it is nowadays. So unfortunately it was never released. Mostly of work and life-related things it all faded slowly into the background. Gear was sold , vinyl stored and life went on. Until a while ago when he started to attend some raves again, Techno made the virus struck again. This time he decided to give this dream another chance. Started rebuilding his music collection and started mixing again. Soon after that he was asked to do weekly radio shows at Housefreqs and Soundwave radio. His style can be described as leaning towards the harder side of techno, with a link to the past. Mixing on 3 or 4 decks with a hybrid setup adding drums and synths to create new sound structures from existing tracks keeping the drive and rhythm in there.

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