Miguell Kaidel (NL)


Miguell Kaidel is known for his eclectic deejaying style, mixing recognizable classics with tunes of this moment. In 2018, Miguell won the FunX DJ Battle, and since then, you can hear him daily on the Dutch national radio with Get Started with Miguell Kaidel on FunX.

After moving to Amsterdam in 2018, the Moluccan DJ's career took flight, and Miguell managed to secure a spot on the line-ups of major events. Well-known festivals like Mysteryland, Pal Mundo and Oh My! were ticked off, and he became a regular face at Vunzige Deuntjes, Favela, and Soixante Neuf. At this point, Miguell Kaidel has been a familiar face in clubs and festivals for several years.

His following grew, and he continued developing his recognizable sound. In addition to his bookings in the Netherlands and Belgium, shows followed in Suriname, Indonesia, and Spain. Then, just before the pandemic, his weekly radio show was turned into a daily item on the FunX Morning Show. Finally, when everything slowly started opening back up, Miguell got booked several times in Dubai; 2022 became the busiest festival summer to date, and he even made his debut in Ibiza at Mon Chéri.

Miguell is a technical DJ with an energetic style who knows how to alternate bangers with classics. He is also a versatile DJ who does not want to tie his name to one genre, as he enjoys mixing different music genres. Still, you will always hear R&B influences during his sets. And, of course, the influences of his prided Moluccan heritage.

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