Michael Gualtieri (US)

DJ Michael Gualtieri has been around music since an early age. From jazz to rock 'n roll, his extended family surrounded him with the sounds that would shape his life and build his appreciation for many genres. Following in the footsteps of his older brother and sister, he picked up the bass guitar and began his musical journey. Forming a rock band at the age of 13, he and his band mates dedicated their time practising and within four years were playing live shows throughout Providence and Boston. Their unique sound and hard work landed the trio two nominations in the following years. During that time, after experiencing the dance scene in Boston at clubs like Avalon, Axis and Rise, and in NYC at Exit, Twilo and Sound Factory, Michael began to develop a new love - House and Techno. With his passion for playing music, it didn't take long for him to transition from club-goer to aspiring DJ. A new musical chapter began in 1999 when he purchased his first set of turntables, leading him to Miami in the early 2000’s. There, he was influenced by the Tribal and Latin beats, further shaping his own sound. A few years later, Michael returned to the Boston area to continue to hone his skills in his home studio and to play at smaller venues, while still keeping a firm grip in the world of rock 'n roll. In 2014, his current band, Six Ten Connector, released a self-titled 5 song EP. Today, his love and commitment to his craft is apparent in his energetic and thoughtfully-curated sets. Michael is currently with Therapy Music Rhode Island (RI) and working in the studio on his own releases. He plays regularly at Club Therapy, RI. You can catch him rocking dance floors from Boston to NYC, sharing his passion for music with the crowd. This is his first performance at ADE.
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