Micah Monarc (NL)

"He has become so much more than the name he has received as an inheritance" 10-09-2017 is the start of a personal musical journey and destined to create a coherance as the deep melodic technoproject Micah Monarc. Being an professional performer and producer since 2014 as Evanti Vincent van Elburg has traveled throughout the world with his cutting edge hard-dance music. When the duo formation stopped in 2013, Vincent has been searching his musical path as he started an dutch techno-label called Connected and his harder techno-alias Spectrum. In 2017 a personal tragedy has embraced him to give life and love illustrated with the gift he empowered and that is making more techno-music wich can be described as powerfull dramatic techno-sound. This will be his first performance as an hybrid live-act with an ableton set-up and his very own productions. This will be the focus as the formation Micah Monarc.
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