Mercedes (US)

Mercedes Martinez started her career like many of us reading this - someone who loved music and listened to it as part of her daily life. It wasn't long until being invited to the Grammy Awards, that music took a much more important role. Being there for the performances and amoung so much talent, she realized she needed to be immersed in it much more than just a listener. She wanted to participate. She traveled to Dublin, where for the following two years she began studying vocal and paino lessons. During that time, she work at Spirit (now Academy) nightclub, where she met and hung out with well known djs and producers from all over the world, who came to play at this famous hotspot. Here she listened to the various sounds being played, which formed her own taste in dance music. From those early experiences, she decided she wanted to dj back in her hometown of New York City. Once there, she connected with many industry insiders - producers, djs. promoters, and label executives. It was after meeting Danny, they decided to forge a team and start producing together as DA KIDZ.
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