Menno van der Lubbe (NL)

Menno was born in The Hague (NL), so his musical footing is appropriately in Urban, Dance, House and Garage. He started DJ-ing at the age of 13, and his hunger for music soon brought him from DJ gigs, to studio engineering classes at the Liquid Lab. Eventually he showed up as a resident-DJ of ASTA (NL), Bahia Imperial (IT), Cocoon (NL), Club XS (NL), and Buddha Bar (NL/ FR). These preeminent mainstream Clubs of the time, bearing his own musical perception, which he admits wasnt always that good. But after a string of rejections, he presented Cocoon with an ethnic energy concept called "MEZZO" under the moniker of "MEZZO Club night", a blend between musicians playing live and a DJ. That got signed, and was soon followed by huge outdoor dance events with international DJ's like Shapeshifters, Laidback Luke, Erick E, Lucien Foort, Dimitri, Mark van Dale, Sander Kleinenberg and Roog. Gigs so huge that people who dont know a damn thing about dance music could hum together all night. Menno still didn't took over the pop charts all across the world, but this DJ/ Promoter is reaching for the top!
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