MC Lou E (NL)

MC Lou-E a.k.a The Syntax MC Trough all those years MC Lou-E developed his own style with a unique and recognizable voice. Experience, passion and timing is making the difference between him and other MC's. No meaningless nonsensical shouting through the music of the DJ, but a good and tight announcement and proclamation. Occasionally he grabs the mic in a break to hype the crowd, but never too much! As said above MC Lou-E is known for his excellent timing, and knowing when to shut his mouth and let the music speak. It's all about the music! Since the early 90’s MC Lou-E started as a dj at home, recording great mixes. A lot of DJ’s can hear his DJ experience in his timing and his knowledge of almost every record. He started his career as "The Syntax MC" back in the early 90's, and is now performing at almost every major club and event in the country. But also abroad MC Lou-E is becoming more and more famous (Belgium and Germany). He performed with a lot of big names in the scene, at many sold out parties, and is a resident MC of many big organisations. On the third of April 2010 he hosted the Future area at the biggest Trance concept in the world, Trance Energy, at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. If you need a good MC with a lot of experience, excellent timing and a great bigroom voice to host your event, then MC Lou-E is your man! A master of ceremony in heart, blood, and soul!
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