MC Da Syndrome (NL)

Entered the world of Scantraxx Recordz in 2006, many call him the craziest MC of the Netherlands because of his outstanding performances. This over-energetic man is flawless in his timing and he’s able to create an atmosphere where the DJ can act without over-staging. His ADHD flow is infectious and he keeps the partypeepz absorbing his energy. MC Da Syndrome is not only a host for the entire night but also took part in the BrennanHeart LIVE-act or nowadays together with Dj The Prophet as a perfect team. As a resident of Scantraxx Recordz he has been a host at more than 500 parties throughout Europe like Defqon1, Decibel, Sensation Black, Hardbass, MondayBar and many many more.. He also made quite a few tracks with famous DJ’s like Frontliner, A-lusion, Ran-D and The Prophet. In these tracks you can feel the massive energy coming out of the speakers. He still hasn’t lost his touch and with many coops coming up and many parties to host you can still enjoy this ADHD-guy for a long time!
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