Maycelli (NL)

Dj Maycelli (born Maaike Jansen April 4th 1990 The Netherlands) is a modern-day renaissance woman. Worked as a Pop artist for many years and released her debut album under the name “Maycke – Burning Bridges”, when she was already interested in being a DJ. She won Hollands Biggest Popstar show with a stunning solo performance on piano. She has toured solo and with her own band for years. Also performed often live with her piano. All this before releasing her first album. She released Pop and Dance songs and fell in love with House & Electro sounds. After releasing her Album “Burning Bridges” worldwide she decided to move further in the dance industry, because these electro sounds were refreshing her creativity. She loves to combine “Big” dance-floor anthems with the freshest beats and Dutch Electro & House sounds. For DJ Maycelli, music is all about having a good sense for what’s trending and she chooses to evolve before her work gets a chance to become stale. “I’m feeling really confident being a Dj & Love to sing and I hope this style of music will make people feel happy and want to dance,” she says. “I think it was time to try something different.”
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