Matt Black (GB)

Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo and multimedia pop group Coldcut, formed in 1987, and founders of Ninja Tune, the UK record label. In 2015 Ninja Tune celebrates 25 years as one of the worlds leading electronic music labels and a beacon for the independent music spirit. Coldcut are known for innovations in DJing, remixing, mashup, VJing, apps and multimedia. Over 28 years they have combined cutting edge artistic expression with positive activist themes in such pieces as Journeys by DJ, People Hold On, Stop This Crazy Thing, Timber, Atomic Moog, Panopticon, Re:volution, Energy Union, Walk a Mile, True Skool and many more. Coldcut have worked with with a wild range of artists, activists and other groups and luminaries eg Steve Reich, James Brown, Jello Biafra, Saul Williams, Robert Owens, Lisa Stansfield, Crass, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Greenpeace, and Avaaz. In 2011 Matt designed the iOS app Ninja Jamm, Ninjatune's first music app, Matt uses Ninja Jamm to perform, lectures on apps, technology and music, and does workshops on how people can use the app for their own music. Matt's stated ambition is to 'create positive art, music and spiritual technology to blow the minds of the entire planet and catalyse the advancement of cooperative stategies'. He continues to gig, lecture, DJ, VJ, record, develop software and bridge the worlds of technology, club culture, art and activism.
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