Mathias Schober a.k.a SHOW-B (DE)

Having caught the vinyl virus at a quite early age Mathias Schober a.k.a SHOW-B is one of these types which have been growing up in recordstores rather than in local playgrounds, preferring backspins to backflips and scratched records to grazed legs. What started out as teenage enthusiasm grew into serious passion, led to first mixtapes and finally to club shows shortly after reaching the legal age of 18 – a young heart revolving around a sound that was meant to stay: House Music. No matter if branching out into other styles that turned out being influential to finally shape his sound throughout the following years – House in its vast variety is, has been and will be the firm foundation of SHOW-B’s DJ-sets ever since. He’s the one spreading this passionate love all over the place in venues as varied as his beloved homebase Bob Beaman in Munich, Londons Jaded afterhours or the Goa events at Fabrik, Madrid. Even on the other side of the globe his performances are greeted with joy and affection by a buzzing and ever growing scene of fans and followers regularly attending his international bi-yearly residency at Seouls legendary club Mystik in South Korea. But it’s not only his club DJ-sets that are carving out SHOW-B’s own and unique niche on the circuit – it’s also the Compost Black Label Radio Show which he’s hosting weekly alongside his partner in crime Thomas Herb. The show is broadcasted via several stations all over the world, e.g. in the UK, Canada, Japan, Austria, Turkey and even Russia gathering fans and those to be, providing a journey to quality electronic music that’s highly favored, eagerly awaited and regularly featuring new productions from the deep and endless vaults of SHOW-B’s studio crates. Talking production – this is another constant to be found in SHOW-B’s long lasting career. Although his appearance ain’t geeky he started to mess around with equipment not long after his first mixing attempts- But still it wasn’t until 2009 before his first 12“ was released via the Compost Black Label which soon became his musical home. A string of 12“es followed on Compost Black as well as guest appearances and a solo 12“ on Steve Bugs well-received Poker Flat Recordings. Besides his solo works SHOW-B provided remix and production works for acclaimed artists like Omar, Boris Dlugosch, Ian Pooley, Detroit Swindle and the voice of House Music named Robert Owens. Plus: A collaborational joint with Milton Jackson under the name of Pattern Select was unveiled. via Delusions Of Grandeur in 2011. Listening to his releases throughout the last years it becomes evident that SHOW-B’s vision on House is about to stand the test of time. He’s able to fuse classic elements, crisp kick drums and motor city references with a warm, contemporary twist, serving a timeless menu for musical afficionados and DJ’s alike. But still he’s not necessarily aiming at peak time dancefloors with each and every tune that leaves the studio as SHOW-B loves to branch out every now and then, exploring borderlines and areas yet undefined. If there’s only four words to describe what this guy is all about these would be „Just House And Passion“.
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