Martin Goldschmidt (GB)

Martin Goldschmidt is MD and Founder of the Cooking Vinyl Group, which comprises Cooking Vinyl Records, Cooking Vinyl America, Cooking Vinyl Australia, Cooking Vinyl Publishing, Cooking Vinyl Australia Publishing and Cooking Vinyl Property. Next to Cooking Vinyl Group he is co-founder of Palestine Music Expo. Cooking Vinyl Records, home to The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Billy Bragg Richard Ashcroft and the Cranberries, is one of Europe’s prime artist-focused independent labels and the originator of innovative services-only deals that claim no stake in artists’ copyrights. Martin founded the UK's first online distribution company (sold to IODA/Orchard/Sony), a management company and a booking agency (sold to Rob Challice/CODA), Essential Music, sold to Sony Red, and and has promoted more anti nuclear benefit gigs then anyone else on the planet.
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